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5 Easy Ways to Place Your Order

☑️ 1. Select the Item/s that your going to purchase from YouTech.Me

☑️ 2. Take note of the amount of your order and if you'll order 2 items and more, sum-up the total amount.

☑️ 3. Fill up the form below and we'll response with our bank account information including calculated total amount to be paid. Please include the following information:
  • Product Name / Title 
  • Quantity to be ordered
  • Shipping Address
☑️ 4. Here's an important note in depositing / remitting your payment;
  • Shipping period is as described / explained in every item's description.
  • No Shipping Fees anymore. Just pay the amount as specified in the website.
  • Only orders with full payment will be processed for shipping. So, pay the exact amount.
☑️ 5. Upon payment, simply provide the following information hereunder via email at Info@YouTech.Me or simply fill-up the form below;
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone/Mobile Number
  • Quantity & Item/s paid (you can provide the Item Name as appeared on the website or Link)
  • Amount Remitted / Deposited / Paid
Fill-up this form as instructed in step #3 and step #4!