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Our Story

When you love what you are doing, even if you are so tired, you may not notice the time passing away. Why? Because of the joy that brings beneath our hearts. In love that we have started and drawn our strength of the continuity of giving happiness, comfort, and convenience to everyone.
YouTech.Me is rooted from the word YouTake.Me which we mean to "take me" or "bring me to your home". 
"But what is with me (us) for you to bring me (us)? You can not simply take me (us) then I (we) would simply seat on your home and do nothing...  That's why? If you take me (us), I (we) ensure that I  (we) would bring joy to your home and even in your workplace or anywhere that you would love to take (me) us."
Let us rephrase now...
But what is with me (us) for you to bring me (us)? I must be something perhaps a technology to Tech me (us) then I (we) would not be simply seating on your home instead I (we) doing many things to speed up your tasks/work and give you comfort and convenience...  That's why? If you Tech me (us), I (we) ensure that I  (we) would bring joy to your home and even in your workplace or anywhere that you would love to Tech me (us).
Love is the driving force in our moves and actions, so we will give you our best in providing also the best products and services for you, our love, who deserved the utmost guaranteed satisfaction.
YouTech.Me is the ultimate destination of the most modern innovations and technologies. YTM brings you the recent, newest and trending techno from International Market into your doorstep.
Your time is valued by YTM because it is so precious that it must only be dedicated to your family and friends. Thus, our dedication and passion would focus on bringing you practical and useful products that would give fun, comfort, convenience, and joy into your home and business. 
YTM ensures that everything you need would be served right away on your doorstep the followings;
Such amazing products would be inserted or added from time to time as we keep our commitment to giving you the most modern technologies in the world.


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